The Sydney Opera House at night.


The well-known opera house in Sydney, Australia is celebrating its anniversary. Get the last available tickets for this spectacular event.

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Markers are displayed on the map and can be selected by clicking.


Markers are displayed with different radii on the map to illustrate quantities.


Several regions can be selected by clicking. Several markers can be selected by clicking if the Marker option has been switched off and the Quantity option has been switched on.


Legends are displayed.

Zoom While Scrolling

Zoom while scrolling in the map.


This is an example of a vector map. Many interactions have been integrated into this example to demonstrate the many possibilities.

In the example shown above, cards were used as vector boxes. Much can be represented as a vector map. Only one image in SVG format is needed for this. The points on the map can then be displayed at a specific pixel / point on the map.