Analysis of the Current Website

Your current website is analyzed for legal violations, in particular the General Data Protection Regulation. It also checks whether the website has been optimized for mobile devices and that it is accessible to all.

Is the complete content encrypted via an SSL / TLS certificate?
Data protection
Is a privacy policy available and complete or contains too much?
Is the imprint available and complete?
If cookies are used, is there a hint for them and can they also be turned off?
Are forms used, do they have a reference to the privacy policy and does this have to be explicitly agreed?
Search Engine optimization / SEO
Is the website optimized for search engines?
404 or forwarding
Is there an adequate 404 page or is a redirect used?
Is the website barrier-free and accessible to all users?
Optimized and minimalized
Are assets optimized and minimalized to the user?
Responsive design
Will the website be displayed on every device?
Server response times
What is the connection to the server from different locations?