Responsive Design

responsive design on different device sizes.

We create all projects in dynamic design. So web pages are optimally displayed on all devices, because they adapt to the size of the device.

In addition, pages that were created in dynamic design, listed higher in search engines, which gets more visitors to the page and here too linger because they can see the content better.

According to online studies, more than 60% of Internet users use their smartphones to access the Internet, even in front of their laptop. Therefore, dynamic websites are a must nowadays.

Disability Access

We create all websites according to the standard

Accessibility plays an important role. So that you can be visited by all customers, must not be missing features such as screen readers. Screen readers allow the user to read the page and navigate in it.

In addition, Javascript may only be used for user-friendliness, as many companies and individuals have disabled this to protect themselves. For this reason, all our websites work without Javascript. Under no circumstances should you denigrate this large circle of customers. If your female site only loads with Javascript, the imprint and / or the privacy policy can not be displayed, which can lead to legal consequences.

Optimized / Minimalized

We optimize the traffic of all web projects

All our web projects are minimized and optimized. Thus, all files that are sent to the user, previously compressed to reduce traffic and speed up load times. These include the following files:

  • Images are reduced in size and compressed.
  • Design & script data will be modular applied and will be used only compressed sent to the user.


All our web projects are modular

We analyze your business model, Your products as well as services, to create your own website. Only the variety lets you reach every customer.

We create all our products modular. This will make your website dynamic and easier to extend.

Good design is important, but clarity outweighs. Customers want to find specific information quickly, If this is not possible, leave the page again.


Logo from the Symfony Framework

In the backend

Symfony is an integral part of all our web projects. Symfony is an open source web framework for creating individuellen, skalierbaren, sicheren, modularen und hoch performanten web projects. Due to the modular structure, projects are leicht erweiterbar. Due to the large community of meanwhile 300,000 developers worldwide, Symfony is developed and improved daily.

Logo from the Bootstrap Framework

In the backend

Bootstrap is an integral part of all our web projects. Bootstrap is an open source front-end CSS framework for creating web designs. This will make% var_3%. It was developed in 2011 by Twitter and has since integrated into the standard. Due to the modular structure, only required modules can be implemented, to keep the project at% var_4% and traffic as low as possible which makes the page load faster.

All our designs are often tested for% var_1% and% var_2%.