Smart Media

Internet Technologies Development


  • Ecommerce

    Headless ecommerce, complete customizable in back- and frontend

  • Website

    Front- and backend cached, complete customized headless websites

  • API

    API to third party vendors and front- backend communications

  • Bot

    Process automation for a variety of manual operations and flow scenarios

  • PWA

    Offline installable Apps for common devices over API

  • Admin Panel

    Digitalised business tasks, full authorized


    Data management for all content and relations

  • Hosting

    Provide created projects for individual needs

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About Me


I work exclusively with open source software and publish my repositories under my GitHub account.

Tech Stack

  • frameworks
    • Symfony

    • Doctrine

    • API Platform

    • Sylius

    • React JS

    • NextJs

    • Bootstrap CSS

    • Tailwind CSS

    • Material UI

    • React Admin

    • Radix UI

  • languages
  • protocols
  • software